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MTHS Staff Directory

Middle Township High School – (609) 465-1852

Main Office – ext. 5000


Sharon Rementer, Principal
(EXT. 5009 // [email protected])
Stacy Konczyk, Secretary to the Principal
(EXT. 5009 // [email protected])
Brad MacLeod, Assistant Principal
(EXT. 5008 // [email protected])
Nicole Drake, Assistant Principal
(EXT. 5011 // [email protected])
Josh McCarty, Assistant Principal of Athletics
(EXT. 5549 // [email protected])
Jeanne Donohue, Secretary to Athletics
(EXT. 5549 // [email protected])
Mark Higginbottom, Director of Security
(EXT. 5026 // [email protected])
Catherine Johnson, Main Office Secretary
(EXT. 5000 // [email protected])
Patricia Talbot, Main Office Secretary
(EXT 5008 // ([email protected])


Joelle Tenaglia, Supervisor of Guidance Services
(EXT. 5013 // [email protected])
Valerie Sheets, Guidance Counselor
(EXT. 5018 // [email protected])
Kelsey Greene, Guidance Counselor
(EXT. 5567 // [email protected])
Sharon McAnany, Guidance Counselor
(EXT. 5019 // [email protected])
Becky Gombar, School Counseling Secretary
(EXT. 5014 // [email protected])
Doreen Swanson, School Counseling Secretary
(EXT. 5017 // [email protected])

Child Study Team

Donna Shaw
(EXT. TBD // [email protected])
Alicia Cartagena-Colon
(EXT. TBD // [email protected])


Tammy Graff, Nurse
(EXT. 5527 // [email protected])
Amy Adair, Athletic Trainer
(EXT. 5207 // [email protected])

Instructional Supervisors

Laura Lambert
(EXT. 5548 // [email protected])
Chuck Gehman

(EXT. 5516 // [email protected])


Kelly Lasher, School Library Media Specialist
(EXT. 5518 // [email protected])


Kaylee Beck ([email protected])
Anne Berkey ([email protected])
Julia Beyer ([email protected])
Karen Biederman ([email protected])
Susan Blood ([email protected])
Vicki Boyer ([email protected])
Chris Branigan ([email protected])
Robert Brown ([email protected])
Kim Bruckno-Moore ([email protected])
Cara Castiglio (c[email protected])
Martha Cella ([email protected])
Wendy Cope ([email protected])
Jennifer Craig ([email protected])
Debby Jenkins Dalfonso ([email protected])
Matthew D’Apolito ([email protected])
William Doan III ([email protected])
Mario Duca ([email protected])
Brinley Edwards ([email protected])
Jaclyn Ferrilli (f[email protected])
Patti Franco
([email protected])
Michael Frankel ([email protected])
Ryan Freyer ([email protected])
Dana Gelegonya (g[email protected])
Amy Giulian (g[email protected])
Chris Godfrey ([email protected])
Kelsey Graham ([email protected])
Steve Gurdgiel (g[email protected])
Rob Heck ([email protected])
Heather Heun ([email protected])
Kelley Hogg ([email protected])
Alaina Keating ([email protected])
Jodi Lamoreux ([email protected])
Carolyn Lavender ([email protected])
John Leahy ([email protected])
Celia Llaberia ([email protected])
James Marcheski (m[email protected])
Angela Mattera ([email protected])
Keirsten McPherson ([email protected])
Timothy Moore ([email protected])
William Neill ([email protected])
Kristina Ortman ([email protected])
Patricia Pantelione ([email protected])
Carol Pearson ([email protected])
Daniel Pease ([email protected])
Janina Perna ([email protected])
Samantha Polis ([email protected])
Angela Quintana ([email protected])
John Richardson ([email protected])
Elined Rivera ([email protected])
Kathy Robb ([email protected])
Allison Rothenbiller ([email protected])
Jacklyn Scola ([email protected])
Thomas Shagren ([email protected])
Alyssa Sittineri ([email protected])
Eric Springer ([email protected])
Ashlee Symanski (s[email protected])
Lisa Taylor ([email protected])
Martina Trapani ([email protected])
Morgan (Phillips) Tridente ([email protected])
Heidi VonColln-Hunter ([email protected])
Matthew Wolf ([email protected])
Maria Woodring ([email protected])
Nathaniel Young ([email protected])
Arnold Zappasodi ([email protected])
Brooke Zukawski ([email protected])

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