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Parent/Teacher Conferences Information

Please view the sign up here and choose a convenient time for you to meet with your student’s teacher. Each parent will only be allowed one time slot per teacher. You have a choice for conferences this year to attend in person or virtually through Zoom. If you need to meet with more than one teacher, and you are meeting in person, please leave yourself adequate time to go from one meeting to the next. We want to stay on schedule and show respect for everyone’s time. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to meeting with you!


Please see below to find information from each teacher to access your Parent/Teacher Conference Zoom Meeting.

Marlem Basurco-Montes
Kaylee Beck (Math)
Jaimi Beck (English)
Anne Berkey
Julia Beyer
Mrs. Biederman
Susan Blood
Vicki Boyer
Chris Branigan
Robert Brown

Meeting ID: 783 368 6174
Password: rbrown

Ms. Brown
Kim Bruckno-Moore
Martha Cella

Meeting ID: 973 354 9167
Passcode: parent21

Melanie Collette

Tech Life Skills Period 3: n2x2vw3 

Computer Apps Period 1: xhfcuur 

Financial Lit Period 2: kqzoq46 

Tech Life Skills (Fusion) Period 5: ug6hdpx 

Financial Lit Period 8: g4krymp 

Wendy Cope
Jennifer Craig


Debby Dalfonso
Matthew D'Apolito
Kimberly Dascher
William Doan III

Meeting ID: 820 4491 8825
Passcode: 677796

Nicole Drake
Mario Duca
Ms. Edwards
Patti Franco

Meeting ID: 842 6514 3588
Passcode: Franco

Ryan Freyer
Monica Gannon


Charles Gehman

Meeting ID: 974 7021 9059

Christopher Godfrey
Kelsey Graham
Benjamin Green
Ms. Greene
Rob Heck
Mark Heston
Tech Ed. 1 period 3: dvf4tou
Tech Ed. 2 period 4: os4j5kh
Tech Ed. 1 period 5: jaq4cdj
Tech Ed. 1 period 7: obqwyk4
Tech Ed. 1 period 8: z3bc3ov
Heather Heun
Kelley Hogg
Alaina Keating
Laura Lambert
Jodi Lamoreux
Kelly Lasher
Carolyn Lavender

Meeting ID: 985 3283 958
Passcode:  Lavender

John Leahy

Meeting ID: 928 8620 8305

Celia Llaberia

Meeting ID: 868 3116 8295
Passcode: 713865


Angela Mattera

Meeting ID: 862 1498 5534
Passcode: 4941619

Sharon McAnany
Keirsten McPherson
Timothy Moore
Kristina Ortman
Patricia Pantelione

Meeting ID:  715 3501 7796
Passcode:  9LMXVj

Carol Pearson
Daniel Pease
Janina Perna


Angela Quintana
Jessie Reeves
Allison Rothenbiller
Jacklyn Scola
Thomas Shagren
Donna Shaw
Eric Springer
Lisa Taylor
Martina Trapani
Morgan Tridente

Meeting ID: 794 0938 8397
Passcode: mrstdance

Victoria Villano-Tirado
Heidi Von Colln-Hunter

Meeting ID: 988 4819 3724
Period 8: wgh4cqd 

Matt Wolf
Maria Woodring

Meeting ID: 914 5362 1916

Arnold Zappasodi
Brooke Zukawski